How to start a photography business

7 Things you need to know before Starting a Photography Business

  1. Patience is a virtue

You have to understand that the person on the other side has no idea about photography poses, so you must guide him or her. Let them know that it is important to pay attention to what you are saying…and stay cool!! especially with kids.

2. Be Organized

Baggage, diary, spread sheets, google calendar, zoho invoicing maybe? Whatever makes you save time…use it.

3.  You must hire an accountant.

Photography is a very demanding job…running all around town, long hours especially when you got weddings. Then you have to edit the photos and publish them…what about work life balance?? So go get a life and hire an accountant…he will save you tax legally as well!

4. Do not be your competitor’s slave

Do not compete on pricing…set your own price, a fair price and make sure your customers understand the value you are giving them. Compete on quality rather then price, be different.

5. Contacts

Do a lot of outreach, go out of your house, reach out to wedding vendors for example…wedding planners perhaps? If you do a great job they will be happy to promote you and recommend you to their clients


6. Stay focused

I’d rather focus on one thing and be the best at it rather than do a million things at once and do low quality work. Specialize in one area of business that you deem is going to make you a great return.

7. Passion

Without passion, you will not succeed. Never give up. But most importantly, be passionate for what you do, the people around you will notice that. And when you love doing something you will not quit during difficult times…because you are doing something that you love and believe in…follow you instincts, hear what others have to say but you do not have to DO what others say.

You have to be happy with where you are, your dreams and ambitions. Do not let others misguide you. Watch some Tony Robbins for motivation

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