Dream Wedding In Croatia

Croatia – A dream destination for wedding – why?

That it is going to be a destination wedding is decided. Now, it is the destination that is to be decided. Let’s see here what we have. Las Vegas, Switzerland, Southeast Asia, Egypt or Croatia? The choices here are equally competitive but the one that made it was Croatia!


If yours is a love story to be sealed in Croatia, you should have the reasons to say why. It is possible that a friend of yours may be intrigued and inspired by your choice and ask why you went for Croatia, when there was Switzerland. We list here below a few that you can add to your personal favorites:

  1. The beauteous localesCroatia is beautiful. It is made up of miles of sea beaches dotted with islands. There’s beautiful architecture to appreciate, fantastic swimming locations, sea side food and sunny weather. The blue waters, be it of the rivers or the lakes are inviting. But Croatia is not all about waters. There are national parks, plains and highlands, and breath taking nature parks that captivate the mind.
  2. Croatia is a melting pot of diverse cultures and characterized by monuments that encompass all periods – from the ancient to the modern. Several such are protected and covered under the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. That apart, Croatia is home to 340 protected historic entities and prides itself in being the host of a big number of individual historic buildings, churches and chapels, fortresses and castles, manors and palaces and archeological sites. There are museums that visitors may take a tour of. A wedding Croatia can turn out to be memorable both for the host and the guests if the destination is chosen wisely. Remember that guests who travel to Croatia from the far off country would want to visit a few locales to make the trip complete for themselves.
  3. Food is always a big attraction – A wedding calls for the best foods for the ceremony. But there is the Adriatic seafood to be relished. Mediterranean spices and fruits and vegetables specific to the region make for a gourmet’s dream.
  4. Dream destination for a honeymoon? You have considered Croatia for the wedding. Have you thought of the fact that while one location may serve the purpose of the wedding, there are many more interesting places that could end up as your honeymoon site? The islands, waters, lakes, parks, food, make it a favorite destination for those coming from the Western shores. By the way, it was ranked as one of the top five honeymoon destinations in the world in 2013, as report by the world’s most popular news websites Huffington Post.
  5. Weather/Climate: Well, Croatia has seasons, and some are a peak. If you are planning a wedding, you may want to avoid the peak months to cut down on costs. But what we are harping here is on that between May and December is the perfect time to get married in Croatia.

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You can check out more about Croatia here: https://www.facebook.com/visitcroatia/



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